>> 4. a good pc can have azrai's blood and live a normal life, yes.
>If you look in the back of _Ruins of Empire_ there is a vos paladin (or
>something similar) that has Azari's bloodline. He has declared himself
>an awsheglien (spelling) slayer (a verssion of the paladin kit Wyrm
>Slayer) and his ultimate gal is to kill all the awsghien (worong again
>but I think you know what the word is).

teodor (i believe the gentleman's name is) isn't going to turn into an
awnshegh any time soon.. of course, if he kills a couple of major awnshegh
he might have to start watching out. the stronger he gets, the more he'll
have to monitor his own actions.

>A person does not HAVE to act evil to become an awsheglien. Consider
>the Seadrake (not the serpent), he is an anawseglien but is neutral.
>BUT he does have a great bloodline (80) so that would work against

yeah.. there are a couple of neutrals (the siren is another), but no good
awnshegh. the seadrake isn't evil but he *is* selfish, and that's "good"
(poor choice of words?:) enough for bloodform to use. the siren doesn't
seem to have any flaws like that. she's pretty cool, actually. :)

>Good+Great=small, if any

here i'd say none at all.. any change would correspond to the pc shifting
to neutral or evil behavior.

>Remember Bloodform is constantly seeking a way to exert itself. It will
>use any opertunity to do so.

very true. it's an insidious little ability, isn't it? =)