> 4. a good pc can have azrai's blood and live a normal life, yes.

If you look in the back of _Ruins of Empire_ there is a vos paladin (or
something similar) that has Azari's bloodline. He has declared himself
an awsheglien (spelling) slayer (a verssion of the paladin kit Wyrm
Slayer) and his ultimate gal is to kill all the awsghien (worong again
but I think you know what the word is).

Bloodform also activates when a charachter uses his abilities. If you
read the Bloodform ability decription it gives a good example. A scion
of Azari who used wither touch and had bloodform might find his hand
changing into a withered, undead looking thing.

A person does not HAVE to act evil to become an awsheglien. Consider
the Seadrake (not the serpent), he is an anawseglien but is neutral.
BUT he does have a great bloodline (80) so that would work against


Good+Great=small, if any
Evil+Great=Big change, non humanoid
neutral+great=slow change

good+major=none, only if PC violate alignment
well, you get the idea.

Remember Bloodform is constantly seeking a way to exert itself. It will
use any opertunity to do so.