This past weekend I paid a visit to both of my favorite gaming stores
and made a note of the Birthright products that were still available.
Both stores had quite a wide selection of products ranging from the
original boxed set to most of the domain source books. They also had
had at least one copy of the Book of Priestcraft, Book of Magecraft,
Blood Enemies, Rjuvik Highlands, Cities of the Sun, and both boxed sets
for the vos and brecht realms (can't remember exactly what they are

I've heard a great deal of lamenting on the listserve about the need for
past products and I just wanted to let you folks know that I'd be more
than happy to work out some type of transaction to get these materials
to you. I wouldn't be doing this for profit. I just figure that the
more demand we create for these materials the more Wizards/TSR will
understand that they do indeed have a market to exploit.

If you're interested in obtaining any of these materials, just drop me a
personal email and we'll work out the details.

Bryan Palmer
Arizona State University
ICQ# 4715206