On Mon, 4 May 1998, darkstar wrote:

> > 2:Someone sent a new domain action to the list and I didn't see it on
> > the Netbook. It allows a regent to move people from one province to
> > another, thus lowering one's rating and rasing the other's
> Hmmm I don't remember this spell and don't have it in my things to add
> directory. If you have a copy of the message can you forward it to me at
> hoss@box.net.au

Twasnt a spell, it was a Domain Action, called, I believe, "Narrow Ruling"
or something similar. Basically it allowed the regent to transfer
population from one province to another. Don't recall the details, though.
Was a few weeks ago, and I don't seem to have saved that particular post.

Mark VanderMeulen