The Olesen's wrote:
> I acidentally deleted some messages that I got from the list and if you
> would, please re-answer my questions:
> 1:How long does it take a province to regain sorce value? How long if
> the wizard helps it along?

1 to 5 years depending on the activity in the province during the time.
If there is a lot of human activity (farming etc) then it will take
longer, but if left wild then it will be quicker. There is also a spell
I created that allows a mage to regenerate a province's source potenial
at the cost of bloodline points.

> 2:Someone sent a new domain action to the list and I didn't see it on
> the Netbook. It allows a regent to move people from one province to
> another, thus lowering one's rating and rasing the other's

Hmmm I don't remember this spell and don't have it in my things to add
directory. If you have a copy of the message can you forward it to me at

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