Hello everyone.
I am currently looking for some people who would have time to co-DM
a PBeM game of Birthright (what else!) set in Khinasi. Because of my
working situation I cannot keep up being a DM, and this is why I have to
ask some help. The way I see it, there would be 4 co-DMs (one for each
region), which all would be responsible to everything pertaining to
"their" region. Those people would be assisted by a "head-DM" who would
write the news letter and co-ordinate all the actions.
This way I hope that the new DMs will not be too occupied with the
game and that they won't have to quit (like me...). I would stay to help
with the site and everything. Adam Theo as well as Steve Benz are
helping out building the site so it's ready for those new DMs. I already
have one confirmed co-DM but I need more!
So, if you wish to give a try at "godlyhood" here's your chance!
Please write to me or to Adam Theo if you are interested and we well
bring you up to date! Thanks for your time.