> Well, my friend, your friendly neighbourhood SC members for the BROCP in
> part discussed this very subject at their last meeting (April 18th)! We
> were arguing ... er, discussing :) about what would constitute an
> imperial monument for inclusion into our beloved jewel of the Anuirean
> Empire. Various things were thrown around (but no one got hurt) and we
> came up with the following list (I think this was the agreed upon list -
> my brain always hurts afterwards when 'discussing' thoughts with James
> and Simon - can't always recall things afterwards ... :) If it isn't the
> 'right one', well, hopefully they will post a revision!):

here is the unofficial list we decided on at the last meeting (to correct
Darren's ailing memory :-) ):

* Imperial Palace
* Ruins of the CoS
* Grand Library
* Royal Colosseum
* Lighthouse - unsure where (Avanil Shore, or on one of the islands). It is
supposed to guide ships into the harbour.
* Gates of Roele - city gates; someone had the idea that there are 7 gates
on the causeway, which you have to pass through to get from the Avanil Shore
to the Imperial Island.
* Imperial Plaza - a park/plaza, which combines several monuments. It
includes the grand clock (discussed a while back), a milestone (large tower,
which is used as a central measuring point). The plaza is ringed with
statues dedicated to all of the 'common' gods of Anuire.

> We agreed upon that there would be only 7 wonders existent within the
> CoA (Seven Wonders of the World explanation).
> What we, the SC members, would like to know is what everyone thinks
> about these 7 monuments. Should these be included in the City of Anuire
> with any game affects? Do you like them? Can you suggest any (better)
> ones to replace one or more of the above? Can you give us better names
> to go with the wonders above?