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    Splitting churches...

    On 24-Apr-98, Bryan Palmer (BRYAN.PALMER@ASU.EDU) wrote about [BIRTHRIGHT] -
    Thanks and another question:

    - ->My question to all of you is "if this were your game, what kind of
    - ->effects would occur to this player, in terms of his religious beliefs,
    - ->powers, affiliations, etc. is he were to break from the church?" Of
    - ->course, I've already got my eye on the 5th level excommunication spell
    - ->(his boss knows that the PC isn't happy, has been a trouble-maker in
    - ->terms of stirring up controversy and has already made preparations {the
    - ->boss} to deal with him swiftly if the matter goes any further). I
    - ->definitely don't want this to be an easy thing for the PC but never
    - ->having dealt with religious excommunication, I am unsure of just how
    - ->much "difficulty" should be piled on his shoulders.

    As long as the priest worship the same god and don't have wierd believes which
    goes the opposit way to what the god wants, then nothing should happen to the
    priestly powers. As I see it, for the gods it don't matter if there are one or
    two or... churches spreading his words, the important thing is how many
    worshipers they have.

    Don't forget that other fractions may help this "new" church as it weekens the
    western fraction.

    If the priest's churches has followed the ideas of the western fraction to
    100% before the split, then many worshipers and clerics will support the old
    belives and that can lead to an civil war within the PC's holdings. Which can
    in the end mean that the PC looses holding levels without beeing contested by
    the motherchurch from which he wanted to split.

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    Splitting churches...

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