Thanks for the great ideas and opinions about who should or should not
be able to support or oppose domain actions. I think Eric Dunn really
hit it the target with his argument about the confusion of the rules.
"regents with similar holdings" and "regents affected by the action" can
have a world of difference between them.

Yesterday I had another interesting point come up from a different PC in
my campaign. He's a priest from the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn,
a vassal to the head man and regent over the holdings of the church in
the realms of Tuornen and Alamie (now united under one regent).

My campaigns are very political in nature since my PCs are old hands at
the game and don't get that much enjoyment out of the "hack and slash"
gaming sessions. That isn't to say that we don't enjoy a good bar room
brawl, but we have a great time simply plotting political intrigue.
Well this PC priest is a bit of an idealist in regards to his religious
beliefs and hasn't been very happy about the more materialistic nature
of the church. In fact, he's whipped himself into enough of a frenzy
that a break from the church is just about inevitable (I think he plans
to go out and start he own brand of Haelyn worship).

My question to all of you is "if this were your game, what kind of
effects would occur to this player, in terms of his religious beliefs,
powers, affiliations, etc. is he were to break from the church?" Of
course, I've already got my eye on the 5th level excommunication spell
(his boss knows that the PC isn't happy, has been a trouble-maker in
terms of stirring up controversy and has already made preparations {the
boss} to deal with him swiftly if the matter goes any further). I
definitely don't want this to be an easy thing for the PC but never
having dealt with religious excommunication, I am unsure of just how
much "difficulty" should be piled on his shoulders.

Thanks again for the input.

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