On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Solarix wrote:

> Well were talking about Fortifications I run a Stjordivic (Sp?) Campaign and
> one of my players recently became Queen and there is one 5thing that I can't
> figure out the Wall does it count as a fortification if so what level etc.
> etc. anyone got any ideas

I think I would count it as an automatic stop to invading units (i.e. even
if they normally had 2 or 3 provinces they could move, they would be
stopped at the end of the War Move at the Wall, as they try to find a way
over it). If it was garrisoned (i.e. the province has unit(s) in it), I
would treat it as a fortification for the War Card battle (i.e. the
defending units get the benefit of the Castle terrain card) but the
fortification does NOT automatically fortify any holdings owned in the

Mark VanderMeulen