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    Bryan Palmer

    Birthright Utilities

    About a month ago Jason Taylor wrote a message to the Birthright
    Listserver stating his interest in developing Birthright computer
    utilities (particularly a database to help DMs). He requested any input
    that we could provide since he had just recently started to play in this
    unique genre. I suggest that those of you interested in developing
    these utilities send him a message with all the useful suggestions that
    you can supply. While you're at it, check out his other utilities at
    the URL listed below.

    Jason, if you're on the list, I hope I'm not taking too many liberties
    but this kind of work can only help us DMs with the taunting amount of
    tracking that Birthright requires.

    Jason Taylor
    Lead Programmer
    CampaignScribe AD&D(r) Utilities

    "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

    Bryan Palmer
    Arizona State University
    ICQ# 4715206

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    Birthright Utilities

    In a message dated 98-04-21 08:55:03 EDT, you write:

    > Actually, you can go to TSR's site, and they have changed the ruling on
    > that somewhat. They've broken down all the old "T$R" mumbo jumbo to be a
    > simple online policy that I think everyone can live with quite peacefully,
    > and it precludes putting everything at the MPGN site. I've quoted the
    > "jist" of it below--as in, this is their summation:
    > "According to the new policy (above), as long as (1) you're not copying our
    > text, (2) you're not copying our art, (3) you're not copying our logos, and
    > (4) you're not making money off of it, you can use our properties to make
    > your own fan material (within good taste - no porn, etc.). That's it. Make
    > your stuff. Have fun."
    I stand corrected! This sounds much better. :)
    - -DKE

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    Birthright Utilities

    As we are talking about Utilities, then I wanted to mention that I'm
    configurating CharGen v1.16 by Troels Poulsen for BR (if you happen to have a
    later version, please mail me), so for those who don't want to do the job,
    just mail me (not the list) and I'll send you the setting files to you as soon
    everything is fixed.

    I'm rewriteing an old AD&D 1st Ed NPC encounter generator (released for Unix)
    for BR, this one will be released for AmigaOS (both m68k and PPC version) and
    maybe MacOS.

    If I get enough requests, I may continue to develope FREncG (v1.03 can be
    found at mpgn) and include support for BR or make an BR specific version.

    As we are talking about softwares, what about making an BirthrightMUD? That
    could increase the intrest for BR.

    //Trizt of Ward^RITE

    E-Mail: URL:
    Nick : Trizt IRC: Channel: #Opers
    MUD: 5317

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    Manfred V=?ISO-8859-1?Q?

    Birthright Utilities


    I see you folks out there are busy to get hold of any utilities for BR

    But unfortunately everyone seems to use this $&%§## DOS- stuff (Na, na
    Bill Gates crashed his damned Windows 98 himself), so I'm wondering if
    there are any MAC - Users in this list...

    As a matter of fact, I'm working on a Filemaker-database for domains
    which will be available for members (with Mac) of this list.

    But first, to get my work right, I need information, what a database of
    this sort should contain (The database is seperated in following
    sections: regents, tribes, provinces, realms)
    So, would you please be so kind as to send me a message (privately, not
    to this list) about what your opinion about the contents of such a

    Thanxx in advance


    Need Warcards?

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