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    Birthright stuff

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    Mark A Vandermeulen

    Birthright stuff

    On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Alex Pekhovich wrote:

    > Hi All,
    > I'm planning to get seriously into BR, and I just wanted to ask, what
    > are the core products? I heard that a hardcover book is coming this
    > year.

    Unfortunately, it just came down from TSR/WotC that the relaunch for
    Birthright has been pushed back to next year (probably around the time of
    GenCon, around August, but that's just a guess on my part). Until then,
    the boxed set is still the main product: it has everything you need to get
    started. There are two other really useful pieces of literature to possess
    one of which are the "regent" books, which are the "Book of Magecraft" and
    the "Book of Priestcraft." The "Book of Regency" was slated to be out
    later this year, but we're still not sure whether that release got pushed
    back along with the relaunch or not. (Presumably there will also be a
    "Book of Guildcraft" along later to round out the series.) The other nice
    section of literature are the detail for the other parts of the continent
    of Cerilia. The boxed set comes with info on one of the cultures (the
    Ruins of the Anuirean Empire). The other 4 cultures of the continent are
    described in "The Rjuric Highlands" "Cities of the Sun" "Havens of the
    Great Bay" and "Tribes of the Heartless Waste." These are really nice if
    you don't want to get your game in a traditional western-european
    medieval/renaissance type of setting, but I would emphasize that the boxed
    set is really all you need to get started (and it should still be
    available, plus TSR has said they will do another run of it if they run
    out before the relaunch). Oh, and if you plan to be the DM, the book
    "Blood Enemies" is a useful but also not necessary book to have. There are
    very varied opinions on the Birthright adventures and Player's Secrets
    books, they should be considered at the discretion and budget of the
    purchaser. "King of the Giant Downs" is probably the best of that lot.
    "Legends of the Hero Kings" has also gotten some glowing reviews on the
    list here, but I don't have that one myself, and so can't give it a review
    myself. Hope this helps you out. Feel free to ask more questions. We LOVE
    to get new people hooked on this, the coolest of the TSR worlds.

    Mark VanderMeulen

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    Alex Pekhovich

    Birthright stuff

    Hi All,
    I'm planning to get seriously into BR, and I just wanted to ask, what
    are the core products? I heard that a hardcover book is coming this

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    Jim Cooper

    Birthright stuff

    Snow . wrote:
    > In a like manner, my NPC's are not all that related. I've thrown
    > in a few twists of course, like a scion stuck with Azrai's blood, but
    > who is LG in alignment.....<

    Okay, it seems that no one is willing to go as far as I guessed with
    bloodline characterization. This means I'll only introduce my first
    post into MC.

    Thanks everyone!


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