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My vote is for 1 or 2, with possibilites of 3, but 4 is too scary. As a
player, if my DM informs us of this (and my character is doing research on The
Spider in gameplay), I'm going to wet my pants each time I get bitten! If
four is chosen, perhaps there should be a percentage chance equal to the
amount of hit points done.
I would prefer #1, in that he had a harem of goblinettes that love him or
lust for him and his power/ favor (I wouldn't put anything cruel behind #1).
Imagine the horror on a PCs face when a female goblin comes screaming "don't
hurt my lover!" Scary, huh?
Number two may seem more "realistic" as far as creating them and as a
player, I'm really unqualified to answer # 3, but again, #4 is too
I do lke the idea of the ettercaps. To my knowledge, they made their
debut in Fiend Folio back in 1981; however, I have never seen them used
before. Perhaps this should be their campaign to fame?!

Take care all,

PS: There isn't a written abomination rule that says abomination can't have
offspring, is there?