At the risk or reopening a closed can of worms I'd like to bounce an
idea of the rest of you out there.

While trying to find a some monsters that I felt really fit Cerilla and
the BirthRight feel I came across a monster I had never uded before; The
Ettercap. I was intruiged by their reletionship with Sipders and
thought that they might fit well with THE SPIDER.

I have 4 ways that I think he could have brought about Ettercaps.

1) the usualy means of bredding with goblin females.

2) gving his blood to some of the goblins for them to drink thus
changing them into the Ettercaps, or anyone for that matter who drank
the the stuff including captured humans.

3) an uncataloged Blood ability that some Abominations (the Hydra and
the Sphinx, for instance) posses to alter or create unblooded monsters.

4) a "genetic" poision which he can injec with his bite that alters the


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All These Years"