> I?ll have a question. If you contest a guild in a province, like the
> manual
> says, it doesn?t give regency points nor GB, but is the guild still
> there ??
If you want you guild holdings to remain after being contested
twice try fortifying them.

Also whether the guild in that province is destroyed depends on
the choice of the DM. If you are roleplaying these contests it depends
on how you decide to do it. My players have contested guilds in various
ways such as

Trying to undercut the rival guilds prices.

Smear campaigns trying to spoil the name of a rival guilder.

Raids on Guild premises to steal documents of unlawful
activities to present to the Realms regent

Sabourtage of carts and boats to stop delivery being effective
and causing perishables to spoil ( as seen with TSR and the BoP)


As you can see some cause more damage to guild property
than others

> So, can you then contest the enemy guild from another province where
> you have guilds ??