I remember running this module about a year ago. Over all it's not a bad
piece, and it gives a good sense of detail. The domain it self is very
well described with easily recognizable regents, and Lt.'s for the main

I feel this domain would take minimum effort to fully translate it to BR,
and the descriptions within would be worth while. The main focus, besides
the Ravenloft element, is that of survival on harsh winter climates, and
the man versus nature battle that I feel would fit well into any Vos
environment, and probably some Rjurik ones as well.

To convert the domain to BR I would suggest the following:

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Status: NPC

Province Law Temples Guilds Sources

Kargo(0/7) Mz(0) MM(2)
Kirinova(0/5) Bo(0) SWh(5)
Nordvik(0/5) Bo(0) SWh(3)
Novayalenk(0/7) Bo(0) MM(7)
Oneka(0/5) Bo(0) SWh(2)
Siberski(0/7) Bo(0) MM(3)
Torgov(0/5) Mz(0) SWh(4)
Voronina(0/5) Bo(0) SWh(5)
Vorostokov(2/3) Bo(2) Te(0) Ol(2) MM(3)

Abbreviations: Bo = The Boyarsky; Mz = Mikhail Zolnik; SWh = The Sister
Witches; MM = Marik the Mouse Eater; Te = Terensky; Ol = Oleg the

Provinces/Holdings: The realm of Vorostokov takes little notice outside of
it's own borders. The internal situation is a land of harsh winters that
quickly brings death due to the cold, and cool summers that fade all to
quickly. The realm temples once a bastion of faith and hope have crumbled
into a historic site of loss. The only remaining faith within the lands is
that within the city of Vorostokov run by Terenshy Mackelfis. The lands
mercantile trade over the past few years has dwindled to nothing as well.
The single guild sources are collectively within Vorostokov. Magic and
mystery run deep within the hills and valleys of the land. It is said that
here elemental forces and dark spirits roam the terrain in the bodies and
minds of it's inhabitants.

Law: Vorostokov's law is collectively governed by the Boyarsky. A group of
men paying allegiance to the Boyar himself, Gregor Zolnik. The law is
harsh and any who would oppose it find themselves missing or victims of
traveling accidents. As harsh as the rule of the boyarsky is however,
there is little else to appeal to the youth of the region and many desire
to one day take up the reins of the older law holders.

Temples: The faithful here are scattered to the far reaches of the domain.
There is however one temple to Lirovka(Sera). It is located within the
city of Vorostokov and is operated by Brother Terensky (MV; P1; Vo, minor,
16;LG), a middle aged man who has seen the glories of the past and dreams
of them. His temple, is downtrodden and the congregation seldom visits.
People have seem to loose hope of bettering their lives and the temple it
seems has failed in restoring their vitality.

Guilds: While no one person operates all of the local trade through out the
region, the Wood Cutter, Oleg seems to have the respect of many in the area
and his word in merchant affairs is often heeded. Oleg (MV;F1;Br, minor,
23; NG).

Sources: The magical forces are divided between the Sister's of the Boyar
and Marik the Mouse Eater. The sister's, Natalya (FV; M6; Az, major, 32;
LE) and Elena Zolnik (FV; M6; Az, major, 34; LE) live in a small house in
which they leave from time to time. They despise their brother Gregor, but
are unwilling to make any moves against him openly. They have become more
and more twisted in their years as they have slowly turned into twisted
crones. They are now filled with nothing but hatred, malice and spite.
They view all others as tools to use, or enemies to dispose of. Marik the
Mouse Eater (MKh; M2; Ma, tainted, 8) lives alone and most believe this
frail man of Khinasi decent to be addle brained. He is fond of proclaiming
himself, "I is Marik, hedge wizard, say you have hedges.." Most discount
this man for his appearances. None know if he is really as dim witted as
he appears. Regardless, over the course of the years he has avoided death
and claimed half of the sources within the land.

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 2/34 RP.
(Gregor Zolnik collects regency from all of the provinces and also collects
all of the regency from the Boyarsky).

Treasury: 12 GB. Gregor mainly has money left over from when the lands
were warm and rich. Now he has very little use for his gold and collects

Army: The Boyarsky and their followers in total comprise of two units of
irregulars which serve at no cost to the state. In addition Gregor can
summon two units of wolves to fight in times of crisis as well as one unit
of lycanthopes (Loup du Noir werewolves).

Regent: The Boyar, Gregor Zolnik (MV; F8; Az, major, 37; CE), a very
charismatic man who it appears is not effected by the passage of time.
Gregor rules his people with a front of boasting and broad confidence.
What is little known is that long ago he was afflicted with a curse that
has left him with the disease of lycanthropy. Since that day he has come
to terms with what he is and has determined that all who follow him will do
so as a lychanthrope as well. He has gained the ability to control other
werewolf lycanthropes as well as those he or his followers personally
infect. His curse it seems has also given him an ability to resist the
effects of age. To what details no one knows.
Lt. He has two lieutenants currently. Alexei Zolnik, brother of Gregor,
(MV; F5:Az, major, 32; CE) and Dmitri Dneprov (MV;F6; non blooded; CE).

Important NPC's: The youngest brother of Gregor, is Mikhail Zolnik. He has
also been effected with the curse of the Loup du Noir, lycanthropy. Due to
his shared bloodline of his brother he appears to be able to resist the
controlling effects of the other werewolves in the domain. As of yet
Mikhail does not yet know he has been effected. If he also has the ability
to resist the evil temperament as his curse remains to be seen. (MV; R6;
Az; major, 32; CG)

Description: The land once was a paradise of warmth and happy people. Long
ago Gregor killed the liege lord of the realm in a tangled situation of a
love thought betrayed. The dying regent called out to the gods and the
forces of the Shadow World in a great curse upon Gregor. The realm was
changed the next day. The summers are very brief and the mountain passes
seldom unthaw enough to allow anyone to by pass them in to the realm.
During the winter months the temperature is from 0 to 10 degrees
Fahrenheit during the day and 20 to 30 degrees below at night. Often still
are frequent blizzards that coat the land dropping temperatures to below
- -50 degrees with wind below 70 miles per hours. This time is called the
"Black Ice". Any one caught out in one of these blizzards is given up for
lost. Cold damage, exposure, frostbite, hypothermia and starvation all are
major concerns of any traveler within the domain. Even small tents and
fires are not strong enough to protect travelers fully. Those who have
disregarded this often given advise freeze in the colds. The only
inhabitants that seem to be able to move in the normal weather with little
difficulty are the large populations of wolves that scour the lands. They
travel in packs and on occasion a lycanthope may be with them.

Allies: None.

Enemies: Nations seem incapable of breaching the colds and the high passes
of the mountains. As it were Vorostokov has no enemies.

Well any comments?


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The Domain of Vorostokov is featured in the $9.95 (U.S.) Ravenloft
"Dark of the Moon" and is described as a vast domain more than 300 miles
across consisting of icy plains and coniferous (whatever that means)
with many small lakes and rivers scattered about.
It mentions more, but the rest of the terrain has probably been
due to Gregor Zolnik's imprisonment and curse.
In the village of Vorostokov (there is a village of the same name in
domain, like New York, New York) there are wooden houses and fences and the
"roads" in the villages are made up of logs, with a dirt road leading away
from the village. If you have a friend that owns the module, I would ask
borrow it; however $10+tax isn't that bad to pay for it, you'd just have to
make sure you modified certain things to fit within Birthright (such as not
making the border made up of impassable mountains in a 360 degree circle -
that's a Ravenloft addition there). If you'd like more, send a private
and I'll try to get you more info on it.

Take care all,
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