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>I think you have a good suggestion, but maybe figure in a factor based on
the "power" of
>the assistance. The more powerful the item/spell that more it will speed
things up.. I
>think your 1GB per turn would be a good starting point...

Yikes!...thats a bit scary. :-) This train of thought could quickly lead to
several charts, aside from magic you could also factor in the race doing
the building (Dwarves, Elves, or whatnot), the material being used to
construct, weather, etc. IMHO, Actions taken on a Domain Turn level need to
be kept as simple as possible without comprimising "reality". For this
simple reason it is better to keep things generalized (ie. magic help gives
a 1 GB bonus per spell/item used, Dwarves reduce cost (both GBs and RPs) by
1/3 when building with stone, while Elves may only reduce GB cost by 1/3
when working with wood, bad weather prevents any construction that month
with a 20% chance of destroying the previous months work, etc.), this way
things move along smoothly without the entire group spending full sessions
calculating a Monuments cost. Not to mention the sheer pain it would be to
determine "power factors" for all spells and items that might possibly be
used to help with construction. Domain mechanics can already be a
complicated process, and this is with many actions already simplified as
much as possible, there is no reason to over-complicate this one particular
action just to allow for any possible situation. Going along with a general
rule of thumb can be your best bet, but as always if you as DM think
something should do more then that general rule then by all means go with
that. Just be sure to note the difference and why you allowed it to have
that effect. Otherwise it might come back on you later. :-) Once again all
of the above is MHO.


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