On Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:03:08 -0500 "George Koch"
>I'd like to hear your thoughts on this..

>Then we attacked the time line for building the college.. We started
>with the basic # of
>gb per domain turn... but he wanted to be able to use certain mage
>spells to speed the
>construction time... Also one PC had a Lyre of building... which when
>played could in 1/2
>hour do the work of 100 men working 3 hours (or something like that
>can't remember the
>details). We got it worked through eventually.. But I wondered if
>anyone has any insite
>on how to deal with (non-realm) spells and magic items in regards to
>building times.

Well, here's what I do - don't allow those magic items. ;)
Seriously, though, I am keeping my campaigns very low magic, so this
isn't something I've had to worry about.

However, I'd say that a Lyre of Building (or any of the useful items for
construction) would add 1 GB per turn per item. That way it wouldn't
completely over balance things, but would still help out quite a bit in
the long run.


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