> >I was just scanning the Birthright Netbook, and came across the Monuments
> >action as written by sepsis. I just thought i would put my 2 cents in by
> >saying how cool an idea I thought this was, and was curious about what the
> >rest of ye-all thought about this action.
> >
> >
> First off thanks for the compliment. Secondly I should let you know I have
> using this Action for some time and have been very pleased with the
> results. My PCs have made 3 Monuments themselves, and I have had NPCs build


I'd like to hear your thoughts on this..

One of my players built a Mage College using this action... We worked our way through
the cost based on the benefits he wanted (which was resonable, he only wanted some
benefit for doing the research action for finding, and ( to a lesser degree) creating

Then we attacked the time line for building the college.. We started with the basic # of
gb per domain turn... but he wanted to be able to use certain mage spells to speed the
construction time... Also one PC had a Lyre of building... which when played could in 1/2
hour do the work of 100 men working 3 hours (or something like that can't remember the
details). We got it worked through eventually.. But I wondered if anyone has any insite
on how to deal with (non-realm) spells and magic items in regards to building times.