At 07:57 AM 4/10/98 -0500, Bryan wrote:

Well to make matters worse for a aspiring wizard or priest regent, the
>research action which takes a month to perform is in regards to spell
>creation. Magic Items still take the normal amount of time as detailed by
>the DMG or Spells & Magic references. The amount of time the process takes
>alone would make the advent of magic items rare. Another aspect is simply
>the lack of high level mages and priest. According to the current rules a
>permanent magic items must be made by at least a 12th level caster. The
>permanency spell, (a.k.a. quick way to create permanent magic items) it's
>even available to a mage caster until I think 16th level.
There seems to be a misconception here. The only way for a mage to
create permanent magical items is the permanancy spell (ie must be at least
16th level or have a scroll). Temporary magic items (eg. wands) can be
made at 12th level because enchant an item is 6th level. The only way
around this set of restrictions for mages that I have seen is the awful
Volo's Guide to All Things Magical (realms campaign supplement) which you do
not want cluttering up your campaign.
>Low mage....seems so...

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