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> I think Birthright should do something similar. Perhaps a
> small softcover booklet with the main rules and a little bit of the history
> (one of my favorite parts of Birthright) .

Here, here! This is a good idea. I know it may be a little risky, but might
not Wizards of the Coast invest just a *tiny* :) bit more for their newly
adopted company?

TSR might even try a "series" kind of free thing (to go right along with their
Gold..uh, name of their program escapes me :-/ ). If the new releases have
GOT to wait until next year, how about a once a quarter flier release? Here's
an example:

Release one: Core rules summary
Release two: Sample awnshegh (refer to Monster Compendium Annuals for other BR
Release three: Sample Domain sheet
Release four(the Big Push before the Relaunch): An expansion rulese summary
pamphlet containing new tidbits from the various campaign expansions.

Obviously, these ideas are pretty rough and would need a lot of thought, but
think of this: Some of the most successful movies of our day (Independence
day, etc.) were hyped for nearly a YEAR, and worked everyone into such a
frenzy that it made HUGE sales at the box office...

Just some little constructive (for a change ;-) ) suggestions.
- -DKEvermore