At 09:20 AM 4/9/98 +0800, Brett Lang(
>I was just scanning the Birthright Netbook, and came across the Monuments
>action as written by sepsis. I just thought i would put my 2 cents in by
>saying how cool an idea I thought this was, and was curious about what the
>rest of ye-all thought about this action.


First off thanks for the compliment. Secondly I should let you know I have
using this Action for some time and have been very pleased with the
results. My PCs have made 3 Monuments themselves, and I have had NPCs build
2 others. Aside from there obvious game benefits they have had some very
interesting role-playing repercussions as well. For example: During the
construction of the last PC Monument (a huge Statue commemorating the role
of the PCs ancestor at the battle of Deismaar) a revolt started because the
social damage construction costs were having, with a little help from an
NPC how felt the PCs ancestor had stolen the glory from his own. Also the
PCs are deeply worried about a huge Temple to Azrai that has been
constructed in a nearby country. The NPC Ruler claims he was instructed to
do this by the gods in his dreams. The PCs have noticed a large amount of
evil folks are being attracted by the new "morales" that are appearing in
this land.

All I can say is this is an Action that does not have to be used often (in
fact it shouldn't) in order to add a new angle to your PCs hopes, and


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