Brett Lang wrote:

Half elves have been fairly well explained (although I'm still
unsure on
what their lifespan is supposed to be). However, what about half
dwarves ?
They are detailed in the Dwarves Deep supplement, and like
always it only
talks of the demi-human / human cross-breed.

I might be wrong (I haven't got my Cerilia Boxed set with me) but
doesn't the Cerilian Dwarf have a very close relationship with the Earth
(Less damage from blunt weapons, can eat earth for sustenance (still
tastes like dirt) and blends in with stone/earth surroundings (Grey Skin
etc.). I would think that this points to Cerilian Dwarves being made
directly from the Earth and therefore possibly not genetically
compatible with other races. Also dwarves are a very insular race (they
don't let non-dwarves penetrate very deep into their lairs). I would
say that a Half-Dwarf in Cerilia would be formed only with the
assistance of powerful magic and probably without the consent of the
Dwarf in question (Much like the Half Orog/Human mixes formed mostly by
rape after capture). The only other Half-Dwarf/Human mix that I know of
is the Mul from DS and that cross-breed is Sterile and breed specially
with the aid of Templars from that world.