Well, firstly I have to say (as have many others) thanks for keeping us
informed. I really hope that some of the changes that are hinted at are not
too big, because I believe that the whole concept of Birthright is by far
and away the best line TSR has ever produced (okay, some might disagree, but
that's my opinion). It's demise would be a tragedy. I think that the
responses on this list alone should be enough to convince TSR of that.

> Well, as you know, BR has not had the sales figures we would've wanted for
> the last year or so, and the relaunch was directed and boosting those
> numbers.

if I can take issue with you on that one - I have been searching in vain for
at least three of the major supplements for the last 3 months, and have not
been able to find them. I am just dying to spend AUD$100 on some Birthright
stuff. It is my opinion that sales figures are down because you do not print
enough copies. Once they sell out (which is in about a week over here),
that's it - there are never any more copies available. I have had 3
different stores try in vain to order me copies of Blood Enemies, The Rjurik
Highlands, Havens of the Great Bay, the Book of Magecraft and the Book of

> Bill also questioned us about the value of some of the first projects we
> had planned for right after the relaunch and made us think about how new
> players would react to the SHADOW WORLD arc right off the bat. He argued,
> and I think rightly, that even though you, our fans, would like the
> material, any new fans we attracted with the relaunch would be
> very confused.

I agree with you on that point, though I don't consider it to be valid
enough to cause the delay. It is only a (very) minor point. I think your
best bet would be to relaunch the product line, and also reprint (or redo)
the other supplements which detail the other parts of Cerilia. IMO, these
supplements are essential gaming materials, but do not need to be
incorporated into the boxed set. Of course, should you incorporate this
stuff into the new boxed set/relaunched edition, then I, for one, will be
straight out to buy it when it comes out :-)

> I am currently lobbying the book department to let us release FALCON & THE
> WOLF (Rich's novel) online, and I want to publish at least some of the
> SHADOW WORLD material I've written online. I am, currently, working on an
> ALTERNITY project, but I will keep up with the BR mailing list
> and continue to help shepherd the relaunch along.

well, if you are looking for something to keep everyone interested, the
Online City Project would love some of your submissions :-)



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