I would suggest that you try to resubmit to Dragon Magazine. If that
fails, you could probably always put it on the internet.

William Jahncke

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> From: Brian Stoner
> To: birthright mailing list
> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - New Awnshegh
> Date: Friday, April 10, 1998 6:16 PM
> A week or so ago, there was discussion regarding Genies. I responded
> that I was working on a new Awnshegh named The Genie as part of an
> article I hoped to submit to Dragon Magazine and that I would keep you
> all informed as to what happened. Well, I was turned down sob, sob>...um, uh, actually, that may not be so bad. The article is
> still not finished, but I may now submit them to Darkstar's Netbook when
> finished. Another option, I suppose, is to wait a few months and try
> sending a proposal to Dragon Magazine again. The article, when
> finished, would contain 5 different new Awnshegh. Now the question is,
> what do you think? Should I finish the article and put it on the
> Internet? Or should I wait and try to submit it again to Dragon
> Magazine in a few months?
> Brian
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