Morgramen & the Lady Fae wrote:

> Where are the rules for these "flying machines" & mounts? I'm also
> wondering what all of these abbreviations are that I've seen lately
> (ie. CoS)

CoS would be college of sorcery.
As for the info on flying units these can be found at

> Also, excellent work on the expansions! The articles are amazing! Has
> anyone given thought to listing NPC's, plotlines, Villanous Hierarchies,
> etc. I'm afraid I'm suffering from DM burnout, and would love to read
> some other peoples adventure ideas & the like.

Yes there is such a page, try you should
find enough to look at there to give you a few ideas. There are even a
couple of complete adventures. If you ever have something of your own to
add don't hesitate to send it in. I ususally update my page every couple
of weeks, with the next update due tomorrow.

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