Has anyone employed birthright flying units (ships of the sky) using the
magical item Dynamo of Flying. These devices can lift up to a 450 ton
vessel into the sky !

Just curious.

Sweet water and light laughter until next !

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> From: Aleksei Andrievski
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> Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Monuments & Flying Units
> Date: Thursday, 9 April 1998 18:25
> On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Brett Lang wrote:
> > I have also been throwing around the idea of airborne units, and low
> > behold I found an article written by one Dennis J. Mobley on Flying
> > Units for giant eagles, griffons, and hippogriffs. I thought this was
> > quite good (saved me some work anyway, Thanks!). Has anyone else
> > these units in their campaign ? If so, how did they work out ?
> >
> Several players have flying units in my Mystaran Birthright PBEM (Mystara
> is known for its airborne warfare). For example, the Knights of the Air
> riding pegasi, or the all-powerful Warbirds, huge flying ships powered by
> a divine artifact. If you are interested, go to my website and check it
> out (URL below).
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