First, who's to say that the High Priest (or anyone under his command) has
the requisite knowledge to create such an item?

Second, the cost in materials and services would probably equal to several
times the annual required payment. One such weapon every four to five years
might be the normal payment. It would take a long time to equip even one
unit at this rate. This is a gift literally fit for an Emperor; is the
regent simply going to let it be risked in the hands of a common soldier or
even a low-ranking knight?

Now, let's turn to the idea of using spells and/or potions. It is
conceivable for a regent to demand a significant number of spells and/or
potions as some sort of payment. A few high level priests working on the
task could probably manage to turn out 20 or so potions/scrolls per year,
although the cost in materials would be high and certainly these powerful
members of the clergy have better things to do with their time.

Of course, in fulfilling the regent's demands they would have to neglect
their duties and the levels of temple holdings would start to fall as time

A wise regent could get away with a similar strategy though: seek out
scrolls of spells that could be used on the battlefield. You can never have
too much magic on the battlefield; a scroll of three second level (and
higher) spells, used effectively, is roughly the equivalent of an extra unit
of infantry. Of course, this still requires the spellcaster to have
protection, but the increase in firepower is worth the cost.


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