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I am about to begin a campaign with RL ppl and internetters (that's you).
For convenience sake and to distinguish this campaign from others, we'll
call it SOUTH ANUIRE'S GATEWAY (Please include this in all subject lines).
Due to the many demands of life and because I have not DMed a game by
computer yet, the players will be limited (Keep It Small Simpleton).

The campaign will focus on both realm and character development where I
would hope each player wants to develop their sphere of influence in some
detail. I have found that one part of the PBEM's I'm involved in now is
that characters don't get to use those mundane skills like spells castable
per day, embarking on an outing to see the peasants being flogged this
week, knowing who the various personalities of their government and army
are, etc. In lands where the province populations are often around 10-20
000, the regent is possibly going to be personally known by many (this
isn't the 1 millionth visitor to the pope's speech or anything like that
sorta situation) or at least one member of most families will have
encountered some regents at one time or another.
Keeping the number of players small will give me more opportunity to play
out character actions better and provide the kinds of information regents
need to know. I have discovered that getting information about each
province's occurances each turn in a large game is (obviously) not gonna
happen. You know that you get so many free actions, character actions,
etc. but how does the story of the regent's life unfold. For each of us,
the fantasy of realizing how one can be important to both individuals and a
whole nation is a thrill. Differing personalities need to be explored and
you have to justify you actions in accordance with your alignment here
(What were you thinking, blockhead, that elf was the only way of getting
the precious stones the court wizard needs to make a magical tiara for the
baroness and you just popped him? Haelyn protect me, my business partner
turns evil at the sight of pointed ears!)
I will not bore the whole list with details of what I will offer and what
the nitty-gritty rule variations are. Suffice it to say, I am fond of
low-power starts where each character is a special individual in all facets
and even a level 1 mage can have some effect on the local guards.
Did you ever want to play out your day at court, ride through the country
to get the bad monster-thingy, call all your Officials by name and title?
Here's your chance.
I expect each turn will be 2 to 3 weeks because much time can be spent
this way making sure I can roll everyone's income, compose spy reports,
describe how recent weather changes are making your subjects feel, etc.
I'm not even going to pledge deadlines as I will take time to make sure
that every (or most) waking moment of the regent's life is accounted for if
you want. When online, I will ask you what you are going to do next, and
you will play it out with me and we will stop when I need to allow others
to catch up (incidentally this means that not all actions take a month).
Guilds will no longer be level 3, they will be the top secret weapons
shipping warehouse, teamsters who now have 5 dead horses and a deadline for
delivery, and a guy who's paid to keep the local constabulary bribed so if
the count decides to raid the business office on suspicions of crookedness,
everyone escapes.
Temples will be a hierarchy of politically maneuvering clergy, stressed
acolytes who find peace only at prayer-times and cooperative magic to repel
the mob seeking to destroy the witch given sanctuary by the shrine elder
Sources are places of mystery attracting all sorts who could easily decide
to move in or cut down unless a vigilant watch is kept. Sure rival wizards
are not going to destroy your sources, they are going to get an assassin
after you, convince the alchemist not to provide those much needed 500 pink
quills, or challenge you to a sorcerous duel.
Law is enforced by who? How many branches of government are there and how
do they keep the people in line, steal from rich guilders and work for or
against other regents' actions?
What is regency. It's pull, favours (I'm Canadian and I spell our way),
the extra time taken to see a job done right. How do you convert your
points into the extra umph granted by your connection to the land?
All these and many more facets will be explored.
There are many adventures available even on the long-inhabited Southern
Coast of Anuire and you can lead leaders, henchmen or faceless underlings
into them.

For now and for a long while, I will not be using anything other than
simple e-mail and attached Word documents (preferrably with pretty pictures
and logos). I haven't much grasp of html yet and mailing lists are not
available to medieval regents. If you want to send a message, it's

Currently the following domains/character regents are up for auction:
Diemed (Hierl Diem)
Medoere/Ruornil's Celestial Sphere (Suris Enlien)
Aerenwe (Liliene Swordwraith)
Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Lavalan Briesen)
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (Hubaere Armiendin)
Eastern Temple of Nesirie (Maire Cwllmie) [let's all say that together]
Port of Call Exchange (el-Hadid)
Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports (Orthien Tane)
Spider River Traders (Siele Ghoried)
Mourde Alondir
High Mage Aelies
Plus 3 Real life players so far will give me plenty to do as it is. When
you apply, please indicate whether you want the existing regent or a newly
created character (more work, but I know you can do it :)

I have read the above and want to apply.

All right. Send me an e-mail to the address below. Provide me with all
you can think of to convince me you really want the spot and remember to
include a few choices if you REALLY want in.

ICQ: 735 0037
AIM: Briesen
My Universe is your Playground :)