Half elves have been fairly well explained (although I'm still unsure on
what their lifespan is supposed to be). However, what about half dwarves ?
They are detailed in the Dwarves Deep supplement, and like always it only
talks of the demi-human / human cross-breed. What happens when an elf
mates with a halfling, or a dwarf with an elf. I have read where the
dwarf/elf thing has appeared before in a Myth Drannor supplement, but
nothing is explained about how the racial abilities of the 2 species
interact in the crossbreed. For instance, say a dwarf diplimat of
Barak-Azik had a child with a sidhelien elf of the Sielwode.

What type of child would result ?
Could the half dwarf / half elf (what would ya call it?) become a mage /
priest of Moradin for instance ?
So many problems :)
Suggestions, ideas ?

Sweet water & light laughter until next !