On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Neil Barnes wrote:

> What exactly does the Blowfish do? Inhale water, expand and try to look
> scarier? Shot jets of water at passing insects? Menace people in an
> indefinably terrifying piscine manner? I'm intrigued.

Does anyone else imagine "The Sewer Urchin" from "the Tick"?

> Do people name their Units or Ships? We run a house rule here that only
> Units with names get experience, and have a 50% chance of getting a +1
> bonus to a random stat for every two victories (to a maximum of +1 to
> all stats).

Yeah, I tend to do that. Though I tend to be more creative for Elite
Infantry and Knights than I am for most others. For example, I'm playing
Elinie in a PBeM right now, and I've named most of my units "First Elinien
Bowmen," and "Second Elinien Pike" etc. But my Elite Infantry is known as
the "Daybreak Guard," and my knight units are "The Vigilant Order of
Knights of Avanalae" and the "Knights of the Golden Dawn."

I like your procedure for raising stats with experience. Presumably any
stat can only be raised by one point, regardless of how many battles are
won, right? Do such "elite" units become more expensive to maintain?

Mark VanderMeulen