> in one BR campaign we encountered an awnsheigh that got on
> bad side, so the nicest thing we called her was The Bimbo. I don't think
> we ever got a 'proper name' for her.
Hey, you should see what Joran calls Danita Kusor. *G*
> My wife and I name our ships and military units in the PBeM BR game we
> currently in. It adds some flavor and looks better in the rumors. My
> is better at coming up with uniforms etc. I also like that she moves her
> units around on a regular basis so that their 'training' is up to snuff.
> That also makes espionage incorrect after a season or two.
I named my Companion Guards (have to get better names than '1st, 2nd, and
3rd C-Guards, though: thinking of High, Exalted, and Grand or something.)
Need to name my ships. Other units tend to be vaporized often enough
though. I really should name 'em anyhow (11th Ballista Fodder Guards, or