Bit of a meandering message this one.

On Sun, 5 Apr 1998, Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:
> Personally, I think if any awnsheighlein with as goofy a name as "The
> Blowfish" were to show up on Cerilia he would be soundly ridiculed until
> he left again. Maybe that's the one great weakness of the Awnsheighlein:
> shame. I have to admit, I'm still having trouble with the awnsheighlein
> known as "The Sandpiper."

What exactly does the Blowfish do? Inhale water, expand and try to look
scarier? Shot jets of water at passing insects? Menace people in an
indefinably terrifying piscine manner? I'm intrigued.

There's been a recent controversy in this country about ships in the
Roayl Navy - Sailors have been complaining that the names aren't hard
enough. HMS Anglia is too boring apparantly, when compared to HMS

Do people name their Units or Ships? We run a house rule here that only
Units with names get experience, and have a 50% chance of getting a +1
bonus to a random stat for every two victories (to a maximum of +1 to
all stats).

neil, proud owner of the 1st & 2nd Djiran Lancers