I was thinking the other day --(I know, odd thought that--Eric
thinking)--but why is it that there seems to be this need to make
Bloodlines easy to attain? Why is that? What's the purpose? I mean, PC's
can get a BL by simply deciding when they create their character --"Hmm, I
think I'll have a bloodline..yeah, that's what I want!" and "VOILA!" they
have a bloodline. Not all that difficult.

Now, what say you have an NPC henchman, and you want him to have a BL.
Well, there are several ways that this may come about. He could become the
heir to someone else's BL. He could kill some blooded scion, and awaken
his "dormant" bloodline. Neither of which are terribly hard to have
happen. Also, both these methods work pretty well for PC's who start the
game without a BL.

A side note--In all the campaign worlds, sesssions, modules, adventures,
etc etc--we've always adventured for wealth, fame, heroics, status, power,
fun, or what have you, and ultimately, we'd get a castle of some sort,
possibly desire to rule a country, but from there, the game would die.
There were no rules to cover that sort of thing, really. I always wanted
to, but never got to. Then BR came along. Having a castle and a kingdom is
where you're just getting started. :)

But I digress--my main point is, since PC's can get BL's really easily, and
the idea of the game is that BL's should be rare, doesn't it seem obvious
that there's a reason for this? Well, yes there is--and I'll make it easy
for ya :) I'll quote from the rulebook--right after the table of contents.

"The Birthright world is like no other AD&D game world ever developed. In
this setting, player characters are kings and nobles, prelates and
guildmasters, great wizards and royal heralds. They're the leaders of
their own kingdoms and domains, wielding the power to wage war or preserve
peace. At their commands, armies march and kingdoms fall."

I think this sums it right up. Bloodlines are what allow the PC's to be
rare, exceptional, and hopefully, heroic. The "spirit" of the game, if you
will, is to allow the PC's to be the true movers and shakers of the world.
It is NOT to make every Tom, Dick and Harry a blooded person. If anyone
can be blooded, you take away one of the fundamental basis for the
game--that the PC's are exceptional people in this world.

THAT'S why I don't think you can just take a RP and give it to a commoner
and give him a Bloodline. We don't even have to go into the symantics of
"Why don't evil people just do that repeatedly to a 100 commoners, kill
them off and raise his bloodline?" or the bit about "Well, how come you
can't rule, just cuz you don't have a bloodline? If you care for your
people, and they have faith in you, then RP's are just a 'symbol' of that

Besides the fact that those things aren't in the rules, it's way beyond the
scope and intent of the game.

Okay, I'll stop ranting :)