At 08:23 PM 4/6/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Why does Blood Line have to be a "Physio-magical" connection to the
>land, feudal people believed that the King ruled by divine right, it was
>a perception thing not a physical thing. Couldn't Bloodline be a
>measure of how much power people are willing to accept their regents
>wielding? People expect the son of a Duke to rule like a duke ect.
>Then regency becomes a measure of how much power a ruler actually
>wields. You could have regents and scions in Aduria who have a
>bloodline but no blood abilities because they are the great ..... great
>grandson/daughter of the first Emperor of Aduria.

That's just it--this isn't Earth, it's the continent of Cerilia. That
being the case different rules abound. One of those rules is --in order to
rule, (or at least maintain a semblance of ruling for long) you have to
have a bloodline.

It's not just being awe inspiring--it's the BL that gives you license to
rule. Consider driving--you may have every qualification to drive--know
how to use those turning, blinky things, turn the wheel, step on the
gas--but without a license, it's relatively worthless. In the eyes of the
law, you can't drive.

But beyond the appearances, it's also the "tie to the land" part. The fact
that it's "Physio-magical" is what makes BR unique. That's the mystique!
If you didn't need a BL, why not do the same stuff in FR?