On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, darkstar wrote:
> Aleksei Andrievski wrote:
> > Do genies exist in Cerilia? Can they have a bloodline? It would be
> > interesting to have a regent in Khinasi who is really a polymorphed genie.
> > Perhaps they exist in Djapar?
> I would say no to Cerilia, however Djapar is an entirely different
> matter. I think Genies in that region would make it an interesting place
> to visit, perhaps some sort of arabian adventures type of set up.

Well, I'm knocking up a description for Genies within Cerilia, which I
think ties them quite nicely to a lot of pre-established continuity.
I'll be lobbing it onto the list as soon as it's finished, hopefully
within a few days or so.

As for Djapar, I've been rereading my Al-Qadim stuff recently, and quite
like the idea of having a Mamluk (slave-soldiers) governed culture as
well as Hashishim (assasins) dedicated to Basaia, hunting down and
killing blooded individuals.

I think that might have to wait until after my finals, though...