Hi everyone,

well, I see that some discussion of projects has been going on (Knights of
the Iron Throne), so I hope that will spur you all on to more ideas. Now
for the big news.

Thanks, in no small part, to John Ewan, there is now a dedicated mailing
list set up for the Online City Project. The purpose of the list is to
allow detailed discussion of ideas which are suitable for the Online City
Project. The list is not for discussion of general Birthright material -
that is what this list is for. It will allow more detailed discussion of
topics specific to the OCP without filling this list with posts which some
people may not wish to see. So, if you are interested in joining this list
(even if you are not interested in joining the project, it would be great
if you can provide your opinions on ideas, etc), the instructions are

There is both a normal version and a digest version. To subscribe to the
main list you should send an email to brocp-request@mpgn.com with
'subscribe' in the body.

I must warn you that the info file needs some serious work, but that will
be attended to in the next few days.

Please feel free to post your ideas, questions, etc about the OCP to this list.

For the moment, I am down as the moderator for this list, but if someone
else out there (who knows more about mailing lists than me - which
shouldn't be too difficult) would like to take this role, then let me know.

Thanks for your time,