> What we've seen going on so long in FR is starting to happen to BR. Don't
> me wrong, I really enjoyed reading the Iron Throne and the Dark Elf
Trilogy. I
> just find it surprising that the people who MAKE the products make so
> mistakes, and don't follow their own rules.
Bah! It shouldn't be surprising. They typically take a "rules are for
other people" approach. Which is why, over the years, there have been long
harrangues written in Dragon Magazine against the evils of munchkinism, but
TSR has never, to my knowledge, published a non-Munchkin Module
This same attitude also shows up in snearing at outlandish (admitedly
risible) "heroic deeds" described to them in letters to the Dragon (ahh,
where is that mage that was a running April Fools joke for several years
now? I think I saw him, in disguse, on the PGA tour) & at conventions
(which are then reported in jest in the Dragon), and yet you get novels in
which a band of "heros" of similar laughability kill Imortal Sorceror Kings
& the omnipotent Dragon of Athas.