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    Elves death and pictures

    >what do elves do when they die in Cerillia?

    Well, what a coincidence! Today, the first day which I return to the
    mailinglist, the day in which turned in my senior termpaper and could
    actually return to work on my homepage. The day in which I rewrote the
    entire section devoted to my opinions on this exact subject!This is the day
    you choose to ask!

    Well, my first temptaion is to show you my revised version of this
    topic, but I am saving that for the grand unveiling of my revised homepage.
    Sooooo, I can only refer you to the address of the (very) rough version,
    which is in the signiture. I will also summarize what is found there:

    In the beginning the elves sprung fully formed from a mixture of the
    four elements. When they die this mixture becomes unstable and their souls
    and bodies decompose into these four elements very rapidly (they go BOOM).
    This explains why they can't be raised or ressurected.
    However, not all elves go BOOM, those with bloodlines of major or
    great strength have enough divine power in them to keep their souls
    together. They become sidhsheghlien, elven ghosts.
    The decayed elven soul stuff become sort becomes sort of like
    mebhaigl and tends to pool in someplaces according to the type of element it
    is: earth in mountains, water in streams, etc.
    Scions with the control elemental BA and wizards with the conjure
    elemental spell can forge the soul stuff into new elemental souls. Once per
    day they can force the elemental soul into the physical world and into a
    body of the creatures element.

    Come visit Bearcat's Birthright Homepage at:

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    The Olesen`s

    Elves death and pictures

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    what do elves do when they die in Cerillia?

    Does anyone have some pictures (computer pictures) of Paladins, Rangers,
    or mages? Or just any elf?

    - -Lord Andrew

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    TSR Games

    TSR Games

    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games
    Blood Wars
    Dangerous Journeys
    Dragon Dice
    Dragonlance Fifth Age
    Marvel Super Heroes

    This list, of course, is not comprehensive. More will be added as we get the info for them finished (in other words, yes, there are other TSR games than these, but we don't have any info ready to go online for them, and until we do, we won't have a listing for them here and we don't have an ETA for them).

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