There are different degrees of secret. For instance, a lot of people know
that the Freemasons exist, but fewer people know their origins and fewer
still know their rituals. I think that most of the nobles would certainly
know of the order's existence and might even be able to name a few members
(or rumoured members).

If you prefer a secret order you can certainly have one, but the spy-movie
saying about the chance of a secret being blown is equal to the square of
the people who know it is pretty damned accurate. If there are more than
three members in the order, you can be pretty certain that someone else
knows about it. Maybe it was started as a secret order by the secret did
come out and since then the Chamberlain has publicly held these knights up
as the ideal Anuirean knights? There are dozens of ways to play it. I
personally prefer the semi-secret order -- the order's existence is public,
but it's goals and the like are much less widely known.


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> I don't know why. Fredrik Lundberg came up with a great original idea.
> Originally the idea was they were a semi-secret order. If the whole upper
> class knows about them and they receive special treatment (i.e. high
> social
> standing) because of this knowledge then it isn't really a secret is it.
> It
> is up to the powers that be (i.e. Fredrik and/or the OCP Committees) to
> decide if the order is secret, semi-secret or general knowledge. It is not
> up to me. My point is, if it's a secret keep it a secret. Otherwise let
> the
> sycophantic toadying of the Anuirean Regents begin (and that could be fun
> to) as they kiss up to the KotIT for special considerations.
> IMO, either one works, but not both together.