Oh, goodie. The below advice is really useful for some of us, since we get
to go to Kal Saith tommorow. Oh, btw: the spell that lets you alter the
appearance of your fortifications is Royal Facade (and it's an Alteration
spell, not an Illusion/Phantasm, so it's really cool.) You only need a L.2
Wizad & a L.2 Source to cast it, also. Only reason more people don't use it
1) Time factor, prolly.
2) Many mages prefer to Reasurch Undead Legion & the like instead (though
I can't for the life of me understand why).
3) Lack of creativity in deciding what your home should look like. Tisk
tisk. 1st chance I have I'm gonna make my fortress look like. . .well, on
second thought, that will be my little secret.
> You only need three things:
> 1.) a swordsman good enough to defeat Raesene (who's had 1500 years of
> practice).
> 2.) magic sufficient to overcome his Petrification blood power
> 3.) a taighmaevril weapon (probably not absolutely necessary, but he
> seems to fear the stuff, so it might be a psychological advantage)
> Oh, and a fourth thing might be handy,
> 4.) a way into the heart of the Gorgon's Crown that avoids being mobbed
> by goblins and gnolls.
> > I was wondering if any PCs in any of my fellow BR Discussion Listers
> > have actually destroyed The Gorgon...
> Nope. My PC's are not really of high enough level to have a go at that
> yet, and being on the Southern Coast are more likely to go after the
> Spider first.
> > Also, I want to create a crystal palace in old elf style... I know
that is
> > not BR-like, but I want to do it anyway... Any ideas on how to do
> No problem on that one: you just build a normal castle, and then there is
> a realm spell in the Book of Magecraft which converts it into any special
> kind of "look" you want, whether its crystal spires or forbidding black
> volcanic glass parapets. Don't remember the exact name, and the book
> handy, but I know its there.
> Mark VanderMeulen
> vander+@pitt.edu
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