What other worlds? What's a Cubic Gate? What's an Amulet of the Planes?

(Incidentally, the Cubic Gate on my Cerilia provides instantaneous
transportation to one of several points on Cerilia. IMO, that makes it
imminently more useful to the players than travelling to other planes;
besides, my players have enough to worry about on this world. Naturally, the
owner of such a powerful magical item has to spend lots of time and money
researching how to work it and then, if they're not able to keep it's
existence a secret, suddenly find all sorts of disreputable types who want
to obtain the item by any means possible.)

Spelljamming? Never liked the stuff in the first place; I thought it was
kind of silly to try and merge fantasy and space. To be simplistic about it,
what more do you need than a sword and a dragon? If I wanted to travel
between worlds I'd be playing Traveller.

In my campaign, there's Cerilia. Any of the few people who have actually
succeeded in travelling to another plane (other than the Shadow World) has
*never* returned to tell the tale. There are other planes and beings from
those planes may sometimes visit, but for the there aren't any mages or
priests in my campaign with the knowledge necessary to travel to other
planes (or if there are, they've never tried it or never returned after
trying it).

If you really want to allow your players to travel between planes and/or
other worlds, have any items they "attempt" to bring back become
disfunctional upon their return. Those items aren't Cerilian in origin,
after all; they obey different rules of magic.


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> Ok, so I broke down & bought a FR module, Hellgate Keep (which is
> pretty
> good, and has some nice, interesting bad guys in it, and is written in a
> way that allows the DM to use it flexably; there, I said something nice
> about a recient FR product.)
> The other thing that struck me though was just how many powerful
> magic
> items were scattered throghought the module. Fine for FR, but obviously
> not
> BR.
> Which is where my Q. is: how do people handle planar travel &
> spelljamming? I know the later came up reciently, and my own opinion was,
> and remains "no way, no how!" But several of the modules (notably Sword
> and
> Crown) contain creatures from other planes, so obviously planar travel is
> possible.
> Ok, so if planar travel is possible (if uncommon), how do people
> handle
> that (if it's come up in your campaings)? I mean, *poof*, your characters
> use a Cubic Gate or an Amulet of the Planes or something, travel to Sigil,
> and then what? They suddenly have access to high magic environments (the
> planes don't tend to be lacking in goods, and there are many, many ways to
> get to the FR via the planes, for example). If your characters come back
> to
> Cerilia loaded down with swag from elsewhere, then what? Ok, long rambling
> screed again. But how have people handled this, or is it just a Q. no one
> has dealt with yet?
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