>Not a bad idea, but this is how I would like you to go about it: first
>spend some time thinking about these ruins, their strategic locations,
>past history of the area, what they would have been used for, what their
>weaknesses would be. Perhaps sketch a few maps for your own benefit.
> Then sit down and think of all the different types of options you have
>in contructing these ruins, and write up a list of questions about them
>that the whole group can respond to (I'll have a example, for the first
>project the MISC group will be designing, up soon). Then when we're done
>with our first project, and are looking for a second project to do, we can
>bring out your ideas, have everyone respond to them, and then you can do
>the actual design/write-up incorporating all of the ideas we thought were
>good. Sound good? If anyone else has ideas that they would like to be "in
>charge of" for the MISC design group, they can do the same thing (although
>I would appreciate hearing from you first, if only to make sure that the
>topic does truely belong in the MISC group).

I'd just like to expand this to include *ALL* of the ideas that you have
out there. I have received a few already myself, and I am sure that the
other SC members are in the same position. So, if you have any cool ideas
for something; maybe you used it in your own campaign(s), maybe you
'borrowed' it from somewhere, maybe you had a sudden flash of inspiration,
or maybe it's something that you have always wanted to do, but never
actually got around to. It doesn't matter how you came across the idea. We
would like to hear about them. I really can't see anything being rejected,
except possibly in the case where it conflicts with something else, in
which case some sort of compromise will have to be reached. So go and write
up your ideas (go into as much detail as you want - just realise that the
more detail you put in, the more likely it is things will have to change
because of a clash somewhere. It is probably best to use as much detail as
required to round out the idea, and define where it fits in "in the scheme
of things".).

The reason for contacting the SC member before you go into great detail is
to make sure your ideas don't conflict with others. Also, we want to make
sure that the ideas fit in the group you have sent them to. Lastly, the SC
member may be able to suggest some points of interaction with other groups.

So the above statement applies to ALL of the groups, not just the
Miscellaneous Group. As usual, if you can't figure out who your idea should
be sent to (maybe it incorporates a few groups), contact me (slg@nw.com.au)
and I will either pass it on for you, or, most likely, let you know who to
send it to. Also, please make sure you keep a copy of all of your ideas, in
case something happens and it is lost.