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Well after a long wait, I have finally finished another of my Adurian
empires, with onther two planned for release tomorrow or saturday,
filling up all of northern Adurian. I will then start working on the new
maps, including possibly province maps and the like.

Enjoy (oh and don't complain too much about the ummm Reigar please).

- --
Ian Hoskins

ICQ: 2938300
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The Realm of Bu'Zian

It is said that they came from the skies, riding on a beast or fire. It
matters little where they came from though, just that they are here now.
You would be wise not to cross them lad if you wish to see the day out,
those green haired amazons sure know how to fight. I have seen one pick up
a man and toss him clean across the street for nothing more than looking at
her the wrong way. It is their mistresses that are the true power in this
land now though, they wield the powers of the gods themselves and even
Azari stays clear of their palaces. If you are wise you will too.

Spoken by Herslios Merjuis, Innkeeper, to a
young Adventurer (2611 AR)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Status: NPC domain.

Provinces/Holdings: Much of this land is mountainous and uninhabited with
only a few small villages clinging to life. The only large population
center is the city of Voislovia, home to just under 24,000 occupants. The
rest of the provinces are left to themselves, although the occasional army
patrol or trading party does pass through. Bu'Zian is off the main trade
route between the Adurian Empire and Subriya sitting in a minor pass to the
south of the main road. This means that few traders venture into this
isolated mountain kingdom, which suits it's rulers just fine.

Province Law Temples Guilds Source
Bu'Zian (5/4) SV (1) - BT (2) AB (0)
LK (4) - - -
Heights (0/9) - - - -
The Great Lake
(2/7) LK (2) - BT (0) -
Valinerian - - - -
Peaks (1/8) LK (1) - - AB (7)

Abbreviations: SV = Sepheria Valinerian; BT = Bu'Zian Traders (Herslios
Merjuis); LK = Lakshu; AB = Aranera Bu'Zian

* Law: The Reigar Sepheria Valinerian has a small force of Helots in the
city of Voislovia that she uses to assist the Lakshu in keeping the
peace, although it unlikely that the warrior woman would ever need any
assistance. Throughout the rest of the realm the Lakshu are the only
law enforcement that is needed. They also act as a military force in
case of an invasion.
* Temples: No temples are permitted inside Bu'Zian. Missionaries from
the temple of Azari in Floresele did once travel to Bu'Zian in an
attempt to convert the people of the mountains to their religion. They
were unfortunate to encounter a patrol of Lakshu warriors and were
promptly killed.
* Guilds: A few years ago a small group of traders in the city grouped
together to share the cost of transport of their goods and later
formed the Bu'Zian traders. The guild has an elected head, which is
currently Herslios Merjuis, owner of The Gap, the largest and most
popular inn in the city. The guild has recently opened a small trading
post on the shores of the great lake.
* Sources: Aranera Bu'Zian, the founder of this settlement and joint
regent of the realm is currently gaining control over the sources of
the mountains that ring the great lake. As a Reigar her magical powers
seem strong enough to gather in the magic of the land without a
bloodline, or perhaps she may have a device of some sort that allows
her to use the sources.
* Provinces: The two Reigar control all the provinces of Bu'Zian through
their Lakshu soldiers. They spend almost no time among the people
though, instead just issuing orders to the Lakshu and leaving them to
run the realm. They look on the people as a resource to supply raw
materials for their work.

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 18/18
The Reigar have somehow discovered a way to collect regency, much the same
as a blooded regent does, despite not possessing a bloodline themselves.
How they do this is unknown, but both seem to be able to draw on the
regency pool, and use it. The Lakshu holdings do not generate regency.

Treasury: 59 GB.
Art treasures created by Sepheria and latter discarded make up much of this
treasury. The city of Voislovia uses a different currency from other lands,
using different sized gemstones instead of gold or silver coins. Anyone
travelling to Voislovia must exchange their money if they wish to buy or
sell anything in the city. Smaller settlements accept most forms of payment
including barter.

Bu'Zian's Gemstone Currency:

Malachite: Available in 1 cp, 1 sp, 1 gp, and 10 gp. Sizes.
Greenstone: Available in 1gp, and 10 gp. Sizes.
Onyx: Available in 10 gp, 25 gp, and 50 gp. Sizes.
Amber: Available in 50 gp, 75 gp, and 100 gp. Sizes.

Garnet: Available in 100 gp, 200 gp, 250 gp, 300 gp, 400
gp, and 500 gp. Sizes.
Opal: Available in 500 gp, and 1000 gp. Sizes.
Emerald: Available in 2,500 gp, and 5000 gp. Sizes.

Army/Navy: Bu'Zian has no real standing army as such a thing is measured in
other realms. Instead there are the Lakshu, perhaps the finest fighting
force in existence. There are maybe five hundred of these Amazon warriors
now in Bu'Zian, although the exact numbers are not known. They act for the
Reigar rulers to keep the people under control. In the early years of the
conquest there was some fighting, but after seeing the power of the Lakshu
and the shakti they possess most people have now submitted to Reigar rule.
There are still a few who are attempting to retake the city, but this
number grows smaller as each year passes.

Regent: The two Reigar currently share control over this small realm,
although neither takes much interest in the day to day affairs of Bu'Zian.
Instead they prefer to pursue their research into the nature of Aebrynis,
attempting to control the mebhaighl that flows strongly through these
Sepheria Valinerian lives in the city and has been dedicating her time to
improving the architecture of the old Subriyan trade city. Over the past
twenty years almost every part of the city has been replaced and improved,
making it into one of the most beautiful cities in Aduria. Still not happy
with the work Sepheria continues to improve on her artwork, lining the
streets with coloured magical lights that glow only at night, and painting
spectacular murals on the dull white walls of city buildings. She is only
young as Reigar go and the city is her finest work of art so far, one that
she hopes to improve on as time passes.
The second of the Reigar is Aranera Bu'Zian. It was she who masterminded
the capture of the province that is now home to the city of Voislovia from
the hundreds of Subriyan soldiers that held it. With her she had less than
twenty Lakshu, and without losing a single warrior destroyed the Subriyan
fortress and claimed the lands as her own. Since she discovered the
existence of mebhaighl she has been working on controlling it for something
spectacular. Aranera has spent many years working on this project and has
gained some small control over the lands sources. She has yet to channel
these sources into powerful realm magic though, but when she does look out.

Important NPC's: Herslios Merjuis (MAd; T5; Unblooded; Age 45) is the
current head of the Bu'Zian traders. He has learned over the years that
working within the law is the best way to advance in this land, and has
become the most successful merchant in the province. He currently owns the
Gap Inn, as well as several other profitable businesses. The Gap is the
largest inn in the city, sitting on the very edge of the waterfalls that
dominate the center of town. Spray from the falls means that the lower area
of the inn is very damp, but Herslios has built up above the waterfall and
now his inn has one of the most spectacular views available. The lower
floors are sealed against the spray, but have windows that look out over
the drop. The upper floors are turned over to a popular restaurant, and it
is this feature that makes the inn so popular. Because Voislovia is off the
main trade route it gets few visitors, although numbers are on the rise, so
by building the restaurant Herslios gets twice the number of customers that
he once did.

Sir Oeren Paestinie (MA; Pal12; An, tainted, 12; Age 53), an old paladin
from Anuire has only recently arrived in Voislovia. So far he has not
bought much attention to himself, dressing in old clothing and covering his
armour. He has however assisted a few people who have been injured, healing
them. It is unlikely that he will be welcomed by the Lakshu and their
Reigar mistresses though, as they have made it clear in the past that
priests and other followers of religious orders are not welcome. This could
be why Oeren is keeping a low profile.

Sarius Nellios (MAd; 0-Level; Unblooded; Age 34) is the owner of the most
profitable gemstone mine in Bu'Zian. Most of these mines are usually
controlled by the Reigar, as is Sarius's mine, so little in the way of
profit can be made. Sarius however has made an art of hiding part of the
output of the mines and sending it in small packages into Subriya for sale.
Although he only gets a few stones each month out he has been making a vast
profit from this and is building up a empire of thieves and merchants, and
soon may even begin to challenge the Bu'Zian traders for dominance in the
city. So far these thefts have not been detected, but if they are it is not
likely to be welcomed at all.

Description: The lands that make up Bu'Zian have long been fought over by
the rulers of Aduria and Subriya in the many wars. That has all changed
since the coming of the Reigar. Before their arrival Voislovia city was
little more that a fortress clinging to the cliff face overlooking a huge
waterfall at the end of the lake. This fortress no longer remains, having
been torn down by the Reigar for the stone which they needed to rebuild the
town on the lake shore below. In the years since then the population of the
city has expanded, and most of it has been completely rebuilt. Several
other nearby provinces have now also been claimed by the Reigar, although
they were unclaimed before then, as most of the region is inhospitable,
snow covered mountains.

* Bu'Zian (5/4) This province sits right in the center of the entire
realm, built at the eastern end of the great lake. The city is build
across the huge waterfall that tumbles down the mountain before
flowing off into Subriya. The city consists of three parts. The first
is the southern side of the city, stretching from the mountain side to
the bridge over the waterfalls. This area is mainly filled with the
homes of the people of the city, and a few shops. This is also the
oldest part of the city, where the Subriyan fortress once sat. The
fortress is now gone, pulled down and its stones used for construction
elsewhere in the city, and the fortifications and wall have also been
removed as Sepheria thought they didn't suit her plans for the city.
The road running across the bridge turns west here towards the
villages along the shore of the Great Lake. Traders from those
villages often travel to the city, bringing fish and other goods for
The second part of the city is the palace that has been built in the
center of the waterfall, with bridges to either side. This palace is
reserved for the Reigar, Lakshu, and their servants with most people
being only permitted here during the day hours.
The final part is the northern side of the waterfall where most of the
craftsmen and shops are situated. A road leads east from here towards
Subriya and the occasional trade caravan still travels this route.
* The Great Lake (2/7) Water cover's much of this province, forming a
body of deep, cold, water known as the Great Lake. Surrounding the
province are some of the largest mountains in the Valsenio range.
Mount Valsenio itself is only a short distance to the north of Bu'Zian
and on clear days it's peak can be seen rising into the clouds. During
summer, when the snow on the surrounding peaks melts, fast flowing
streams of icy water flow into the lake filling it to capacity. In the
rest of the year this water drains east, down the waterfalls into
Subriya, although the level never drops below 70% of capacity.
The people of this province are mainly fishermen or herders who live
in small villages alone the lake shore and supply much of the food to
the people of Voislovia to the east. They have a comfortable
existence, and are generally not bothered by the Lakshu.
The lake itself is home to more than just fish however, and many
dangerous monsters are rumoured to exist deep beneath the dark waters.
The most powerful of these creatures is Canistilieria
Hallikturinustien (Canny for short) an old Adurian Dragon who lives on
the northern side of the lake. The people fear her as she has been
known to eat people in the past. The Reigar have declared the northern
side of the lake off limits to the people of the realm.
* Valsenio Heights (0/9) This mountain province is home to only a few
people, mainly goat and sheep herders and hermits. The entire province
is usually covered in snow, but during summer some of the lower
forested areas melt, the water flowing south into the Great Lake. The
forests are made up mainly of the gigantic Bu'Zian pine, one of the
large trees in Aduria. These pines would make great timber, but few
are ever harvested due to the dangerous terrain. Occasionally a
expedition comes from the city, usually during summer and cuts down a
few tree alone the lake shore, before floating them to Voislovia city.
* Mount Valinerian (0/9) The southern most province is similar to
Valsenio Heights but has even fewer people living in it. Perhaps only
as few as fifty people live in the whole province, and most of them
because they desire solitude. It is claimed by the Reigar mainly
because this is where they first arrived, their Spelljammer (a
refitted hammership) crashing onto the slopes of the mountain. The
wreckage can still be seen, high up on the barren peak, although it is
usually covered by snow.
* Stargazer's Peaks (1/8) This province is home to the Reigar, Aranera
Bu'Zian, who has built a small fortress high in the mountain that make
up the province. She has bought in some locals to provide her with
what she need, usually food and raw materials for her great project.
What this project is to be is only known to her, although it has
something to do with gaining control of the sources. How exactly she
has done this is a mystery at the moment, but it is though to involve
some sort of magical item that allows a unblooded regent to gain RPs
as a blooded scion. It is unlikely that she would want to make one of
these items for anyone else though, as Reigar rarely repeat their

Allies: Bu'Zian has little contact with either the Empire of Aduria to the
west or the Republic of Subriya to the east. Both have in the past
attempted to communicate with the Bu'Zian rulers but have received no
response. As a result Bu'Zian has no allies, nor looks like gaining any in
the future.

Enemies: When Aranera Bu'Zian took over this realm from Subriya many of the
republics soldiers died in the fighting and Subriya has not looked kindly
on the tiny nation since. They sent several military expeditions to retake
the provinces in the first couple of years after the conquest, but after
repeated losses called off the attack and left the people of Bu'Zian alone.
The president of Subriya still wants the mineral and gemstone rich
mountains back though, but sees no way to do so presently.

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