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Here is the latest of my Adurian kingdom, with one more due out tomorrow
with any luck. I have also updated the page to include the names of all
the other empires, and a short intoduction to some areas so you can see
what I will be creating there. I will also do some new maps sometime
soon so it will be easier to see where everything is.

- --
Ian Hoskins

ICQ: 2938300
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The Principality of Tarbul

In the days of old it is said that an ancient race lived in these lands.
Ten feet tall, with hair the colour of sand, and eyes like diamonds they
drove off all who would challenge them. Then came the Adurians, thousands
of soldiers all lined up in their little formations and the ancients of
this land sailed off across the ocean, leaving the land rather than face
Aduria. Where they went is not recorded, but over the years many have seen
them sailing before the great storms that come in for the endless ocean.
Perhaps if you are very lucky one day perhaps you will see one, off a
sailing on the Sea of Storms.

An modern Tarbul tale of the Rjurik

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Status: Recommended

Provinces/Holdings: Tarbul is the second oldest of the Northern Neha
Principalities. It, like Aral is widely known as a source of fine timber
and mineral ores and even the hilly provinces in the east of the
principality are well populated by those who seek to exploit the wealth of
the land. Because of this many guilds make their homes in Tarbul, most
exporting either timber from its forests or minerals from its mines in the
foothills of the Azure Peaks.

Province: Law: Temples: Guilds: Sources:
Malu (4/1) PI (2) TCB (3) TTC (2)* SP (0)
- - NF (2)* -
(3/4) PI (1) RFW (3) NF (3)* SP (0)
(6/1) PI (6) TCB (4) TTC (3)* SP (0)
- RFW (2) NF (2)* EH (1)
- DTA (0) DM (0) -
(3/4) PI (1) RFW (1) NF (3)* SP (0)
(4/1) PI (2) TCB (3) TTC (4)* -
- DTA (1) - -
(3/4) PI (0) RFW (2) TTC (3)* SP (0)
- DTA (0) DM (0) -

* indicates a fortified holdings.

Abbreviations: PI = Princess Istella (Tarbul); TCB = True Church of Brenna
(Untrini the wise); TTC = Tarbul Trading Consortium (Serra Talat); SP =
Silver Princess (Halwan); NF = Northern Foresters Guild (Pinter Ollinie);
RFW = Reynir's Forest Wardens (Harri the Druid); DTA = Dara Temple of Azari
(Suris Hormien); DM = Dara Mining (Olli Brarc); EH = Erl Halwa

* Law: Princess Istella maintain a light law presence in her lands,
preferring not to counter the businesses of the guilds of this land
with too many police. She tries to maintain a low profile and allow
the various guilds to work unhindered in the hope they will not work
against her. It is only tradition that has so far prevented the guilds
from claiming the remaining law holdings.
* Temples: The true church of Brenna is prominent along the coast of
Tarbul, while inland the druids from Reynir's Forest Wardens carry on
their battle with those who would pillage the land for profit.
Although the main temples are in Aral, the druids have gained a bigger
foothold here in Tarbul, mainly because the Princess takes like action
against regents building in her lands. This policy has however allowed
the evil Dara Temple of Azari to move into the principality, setting
up three small temples.
* Guilds: It is the guilds that hold much of the power in this land,
perhaps even more than the Princess herself. The Northern Foresters,
Tarbul Trading Consortium, and the Dara Miners all fight for the right
to the rich timber and mineral trades to the southern lands. The
guilds have in the past hired mercenaries to fight against each other,
and even now the two largest each support small armies to protect
their holdings. Also most of their holding are fortified in case of an
attack by one of the other guilds.
* Sources: The Silver Princess, ruler of Halwan claim a few minor
sources in this land, but has yet to expand them as she has done in
Dara and Aral. Perhaps the activities of the guilds have discouraged
her up until now.
* Provinces: Princess Istella is the official ruler of the land, and it
is she who collects the taxes. These are mainly used to fund her
parties though, and little is returned to the people. Instead most
people rely on their jobs working for one of the two major guilds. It
is these guilds that virtually control the principality, maintaining
armies, building roads and the like, and it is to the guilds that most
people owe their loyalty, rather than to their princess as might be
expected. Because of this the loyalty level of the provinces is very
low and it would be quite easy for one of the guilds, or the temples
to start a rebellion. So far this has not occurred though.

Regency Generate/Accumulated: 4/9
As a bard Princess Istella gains little in the way of regency. Most of what
she does gain is used to attract more people to her realm and increase the
population. So far she has worried little about the law holdings in her
provinces, and as a result maintains little control over her people.

Treasury: 13 GB
Most of the money taken in by Tarbul is quickly spent of elaborate building
project to expand the palace or on parties for the princess and her
friends, little is returned to the people in the form of new roads or other
important structures. The guilds however have spent much of their own
income on this infrastructure, setting up a good road network and expanding
on the port at Talat.

Army/Navy: Tarbul support only 2 units of infantry, both based in the
capital city, Talat. However both of the guilds also support soldiers of
their own. The Tarbul Trading Consortium has 3 units of archers, and 2
infantry, while the Northern Foresters control 6 infantry units. These
troops are spread throughout Tarbul guarding the various merchant houses
and trade routes. Also on top of this force each guild owns a single war
galley, as well as a large number of heavy transport vessels to carry their
goods to the southern empires.

Regents: Princess Istella Cordel (FNe; B2; Unblooded; Age 24) never wanted
to rule Tarbul. Her father was an important general in the Nehalim army and
for his bravery and skill was given the position of Prince of Tarbul. He
was a strong ruler and cared about his people, making many of the
improvements that make Tarbul what it is today. When he died it was
expected that Istella's brother Garmin would take over his father's title,
but Garmin choose instead to join the army and fight in the war with
Aduria, leaving his younger sister Istella in charge. The young princess
reluctantly took the throne, but knowing little about how to run a large
kingdom quickly passed on control to her advisers. Unfortunately for her
most of the advisors were bribed by the guilds into giving them more and
more power until things quickly got out of hand and the guilds were
fighting each other on the streets. Not knowing what to do Istella hid in
the capital until the fighting had died down and she has remained their
ever since attempting to drown out the real situation in her lands by
holding an endless series of parties and celebrations. Secretly she is
hoping that her brother, now a general commanding several thousand
soldiers, will return and take over for her, but this may be a long way
off. The princess does not want the responsibility of ruling and now wishes
only to give up her power and return to her former life of a bard. The only
reason she has not done this so far is that she fears what the guilds will
do if they gain control over the provinces as well.

Important NPC's: Serra Talat (FNe; T8; Unblooded; Age 45) is the head of
the noble Talat family, former rulers of Tarbul. She despises the current
princess and would like nothing more to take control and rule openly. She
is opposed however the the Northern Foresters who currently control a
larger army than hers so she has so far not risked a attempt on the throne.
The Talat family is one of the oldest noble families in the north. They
came north with the original settlers and ruled Tarbul for nearly a hundred
years. Then one of the family was unlucky enough to be involved in a plot
against the Nehalim Emperor and was executed for his crimes. The Nehalim
army arrested and killed most of the family and gave control of the land to
a young general, Harnim Cordel. Serra has watched for nearly her whole life
as the realm that should have belonged to her family was ruled by another
and has built up a lot of hatred for the Cordel's. She is a very ruthless
woman and will do anything possible to regain power. At the moment though
she is locked in a struggle with the Northern Foresters for control of the
principalities guilds, a struggle that she has carried north into Aral,
building up a small empire there as well. At the moment the battle between
the two guilds is quiet as they are both busy building up their forces for
another strike.

General Koras (MNe; F5; Unblooded; Age 76) leads the official Tarbul army.
As most of the best soldiers and generals have been hired by one or the
other of the guilds Koras is the only one left who still supports the
Princess. Once a strong warrior and tactician his body is now old and
withered, but his mind is still as sharp as ever. Some say that it is
Toras's skill that keeps the principality under the control of its regent
rather than allow one of the guilds to take over. He has only two units of
infantry to work with so he has placed them both in the capital preferring
to protect that rather than risk defeat on the battlefield elsewhere in the
principality. He wishes that he could convince the princess to give him
more money as he know that with a few more units he could win back control
and drive out the guild armies. So far he has failed to get the funding he
need, but he keeps trying ever hoping for Istella to come to her senses and
start acting like a princess instead of the scared child she is at the

Horaum Gersious (MNe; T4; Unblooded; Age 56) is Istella's chief advisor. He
is paid by the Tarbul trading consortium to influence the princess into
making decisions that will assist them, rather than the Northern Foresters.
He is know for always wearing dark coloured clothing when meeting with the
princess, and carrying a large sword. He has a threatening manner and most
of the time the princess follows his advise out of fear more than anything.
Horaum has a hatred of General Koras and would like nothing more that the
crafty old soldier to suffer and unfortunate accident. So far though, no
matter how hard he has tried, he has been unable to arrange this.

Yelia Talat (FNe; T6; Unblooded; Age 27) is the princesses second advisor.
She tries to move the princesses support more towards her sister and the
Tarbul Trading Consortium rather than the Northern Forester. She has been
successful so far mainly because she is the princesses friend, or at least
is pretending to be her friend. She also organises most of the parties that
the princess holds and tries to act as nice as she can around Istella and
the other members of the court. Inside though she is very similar to he
sister and has wants to see Istella dead as soon as possible. The princess
is well protected though and so far she has been unable to get close
enough. Yelia also dislikes Horaum Gersious, General Koras, Lord Erl, and
most of the other people in the court and has even poisoned several
servants because they displeased her.

Lord Erl Halwa (MNe; W4; Vo, minor, 21; Age 28) a close relative of the
Erhshegh known as the Silver Princess is currently the Halwan ambassador to
the court of Tarbul. The young lord is infatuated with princess Istella and
has been attempting to aid her in any way possible, foiling two attempts on
her life by her friend Yelia. Istella does not trust Erl though, knowing
that he is a wizard, and therefore not to be trusted. Erl hopes to win her
over in time though and until then does what he can to assist, casting
spells to spy on Istella's advisors and informing the palace guards when
ever an attempt on the Princess's life is about to be made. He has even
gained control of a source holding in Talat that he hopes to be able to use
in the future, despite knowing little of the secrets of realm magic.

Descriptions: One of the northern Neha Principalities that were settled
over a three century period up until the current day. Tarbul was the second
of these realms to be settled, a hundred and fifty years ago after rich
deposits of iron ore were discovered. It has always been a society that
depended on the wealth from the mines and lumber camps, but this has become
even more so in the past five years since the Princess has taken control.
With little law in the land as it was, and advisors who worked for the two
main guilds she had little chance of ruling in her own right and now spends
most of the time in the capital partying with friends while in the lands
outside the capital the guilds gain more and more power. The only reason
they have not already seized control of the provinces themselves is that
they fear the reaction of the Neha Emperor. None of the Neha lands have
even been ruled by merchants, with former generals and relatives of the
Emperor being the most common rulers. Throughout the empire rule of most
provinces and principalities is a right given by the Emperor and the gods
he represents. For this reason Princess Istella still holds onto power,
although for how much longer remains to be seen.

* Malu (4/1) This coastal province borders on the Principality of Aral
to the north, and is also mainly a fishing and farming province.
Foodstuffs from Malu are sent to the lumber camps and mines in Gharra
and Saraas to the east. The land here is fairly flat and is good for
farming, with wheat and cattle being the most common. The main north
south road runs though here as well, heading south towards the
capital, while smaller road branch off it, towards the coastal
villages and Gharra. The largest settlement is the small city of
Malune, home to maybe seven thousand people. It is a regional center
and market for the goods this province produces and normally would be
a nice safe place to work and live. Now however it is right on the
frontlines between the two warring guilds with each side building
fortifications at either end of the town. Although open battle has yet
to occur there is a lot of tension in the air and soldiers from both
sides have a tendency to disappear at times. Only the actions of the
priests of Brenna have so far prevented an battle.
* Gharra (3/4) A forested province in the east of the kingdom, nestled
against the foothills of the Azure Peaks. This province is dominated
by the Northern Foresters who run the lumber camps that take the best
of the wood to Talat for shipment to the south. There job has become
harder recently though after the druids of Reynir's Forest Warden
arrived in the province. They have set up several shrines and are
working against the guild as much as possible, trying to stop the
damage that is occurring to the forests.
* Tarbul (6/1) The capital province is home to the city of Talat, with
nearly fifty thousand people living in it. Once it held twice that
number, but many moved north to Aral and Ornasis after those lands
were settled to follow the dream of riches and wealth that is said to
lie in the north. Currently Talat is a beautiful coastal port, with
clean streets and neat stone homes and shops. Unlike some of the more
northern cities Talat has a large merchant fleet that travels between
Neha and Talat carrying wood and ore to feed the Emperor's war with
the Adurians. In recent years Princess Istella has spent vast sums of
money to improve the look of the city, painting all the buildings and
replacing large parts of the old palace. The new palace is certainly a
site to be seen, with a great glass dome now covering the courtyard
making it into a gigantic greenhouse filled with plants from the
southern jungles. The walls are now all constructed of a white marble,
and the roof is made of red clay tiles. Inside is more luxury than
even some of the Adurian rulers are used too. All this beauty though
hide the current problems in Tarbul, and many resent the princess for
the her lack of leadership.
* Saraas (3/4) This province is again similar to Gharra to its north,
although even less developed. Once again the Northern Foresters have
the upper hand here, and the few druids can do little to stop them
expanding into the once virgin forests and dragging off the mighty
timber that fetch such a high price with southern merchants.
* Khashm (4/1) This southern province is under the virtual control of
the Serra Talat and her guild. This is where her headquarters has been
set up and half her army is based. There is no major settlement here,
with most of the province farmland, so small farming villages are the
most common form of settlement. The small town of Kas is the largest
settlement, and even it is home to only two thousand people, most of
whom work for the guild. A new threat has just arisen in the province
however with the cultists from the Dara Temple of Azari gaining some
support amongst those who desire an end to the constant trouble
between the two guilds. They have taken some of the peoples faith away
from the traditional worship of Brenna and are trying to expand here
as much as they are in Dara to the south. This province is the one
Tarbul's southern border with Dara and the main road from the capital
travel south here towards the Dara capital, and Halwan even further
south. Trade caravans are commonly seen moving up and down this road,
hauling vast loads of wood and ore towards Neha and bringing
manufactured good north, over the mountains from the Empire.
* Gharandal (3/4) This southern province is also controlled by Serra
Talat's guild and is home to most of the mining that takes place in
the principality. Dara Miners has also set up a small operation in the
province, but it is not yet large enough to be noticed by Serra. Much
of this provinces is mineral rich hill, rising to tall mountains in
the east. The Azure peaks block much of the warm winds from the east
here and make this land a lot cooler than is normal in the region.

Allies: As a principality of Neha Tarbul has the support of the Emperor in
all military matters, it does not have many close allies in the region,
although Halwan sees it as a possible area of expansion in the region
should things turn really bad and the Empire not assist. The other
principalities see Tarbul as a weak nation and not worthy of their notice.

Enemies: The main enemy of Tarbul is its princess. She is too weak willed
to rule the lands properly and this has led to the guilds taking too much
power and virtually running the lands. The Dara temple of Azari could also
be considered an enemy, but they are everyone foe at the moment.

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