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> Oh no! Does this mean I can't invest a gnome? I.e., do the gods simply not
> allow gnomes to be invested? Or does this simply mean that there are no
> "natural" gnomish bloodlines, but that gnomes could be invested by someone
> else?

this has just given me a thought.....
(it also relates to the dragon/bloodline thing in another thread)

several (most, in fact. a good thing IMHO) of the "monsters" in cerelia
are described as having relatively advanced societies (compared with
the vos, for example).
how implausible is it that, say, a giant could commit bloodtheft/forced
investiture on a scion? (avoiding the whole "were they at deismar"
given that, why don't these blooded "monsters" go on to form realms and
everything else?

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