I have also considered the following: Nonblooded individuals sometimes seem to
gain Azrai's bloodline and become Awnshegh. Not to mention the number of times
an Awnshegh was killed in a non-bloodtheft fashion, yet the slayer still gained
the blood of Azrai. (All from what I remember in various sources.) Therefore,
I have concluded that, since Azrai's blood is evil and corrupt, it doesn't
follow the same rules as the other bloodlines. Before going off and hunting
down awnshegh, characters better consider the consequences...

Brian...aka Dearnen

J. D. Lail wrote:

> You know the way Awnshegh keep popping up gives me an idea.
> Assume that a blooded characters bloodline returns to the land when
> he/she/it dies unless there is a heir or bloodtheft. The same thing happens
> when an
> Awnshegh dies unless there is a heir or bloodtheft. But the land can not
> tolerate the Blood of Azrai for long and spits it out (making new Awnshegh)
> whenever it feels like it. And that's why we keep getting new Awnshegh since
> none that come to mind have breed as yet. Belinik & Kriesha are you
> listening ? Now we know why you are in such sour moods all the time. :)
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