At 12:53 12/03/98 PST, you wrote:
>>You know the way Awnshegh keep popping up gives me an idea.
>>Assume that a blooded characters bloodline returns to the land when
>>he/she/it dies unless there is a heir or bloodtheft. The same thing
>>when an
>>Awnshegh dies unless there is a heir or bloodtheft. But the land can
>>tolerate the Blood of Azrai for long and spits it out (making new
>>whenever it feels like it. And that's why we keep getting new Awnshegh
>>none that come to mind have breed as yet. Belinik & Kriesha are you
>>listening ? Now we know why you are in such sour moods all the time. :)
>That;s not all entirely true
>The Gorgon had conqubines(sp?) specifically for that purpose- to breed
>and make powerfull awnshegh.
>The Warlock is a prime example.
>Of course along the same lines he breed them to bloodtheft them.
>but some of his lineage are still out there

Yeah and I guess Justina the Banshegh gets a fair few offers. :-)