In the section referenced (BoP p.70), the statement says that "If a Priest
regent opposes an action of the Ruler he may apply...."
That certainly implies that it is meant to apply only to cases other than
a Theocracy. Additionally, there is a separate entry regarding Theocracies
that lists the benefits of being a landed Regent as well as holding the
Temple domains... where this benefit does not appear.

Hope that helps....

On Wednesday, March 11, 1998 9:17 PM, Benjamin W Loebick
[] wrote:
> One of my PBEM players asked me this question (verbatim, excuse the lack
> of corrections):
> " The head of a recognized State religion also gains (BoP p.70) this
> benefit: he "may apply a 2 point modifier to the King's action checks
> (in favor of the priest's preffered result)". Does this mean a theocrat
> like the ruler of Talinie gains an extra whopping +3 bonus to his action
> checks as a King (ie, non-Temple and spell-affairs)? The 'rules' seem to
> logically imply this, but it seems a bit much to me (though it's always
> welcome, of course!)"
> I'm too tired to dig out my rules books and determine what I should say.
> What do you all think?
> Benjamin
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