This is a good answer and should probably be in a rulebook somewhere ;-)

Regarding your suggestion of keeping separate accounts for RP earned and
"given": Doesn't this raise the ugly possibility that the Baron could
rescind his/her earlier decree of support for the Count, thereby reclaiming
the RP?


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> >Greetings all,
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> >here is a question thats been bugging me, how do you explain regency
> >points in roleplaying terms.
> >for example lets take Prince Avan, and one of his vassels. In the
> >vassalge agreement, a tribute of 5GB and 10RP is agreed upon, now the GB
> >is easy,
> >' you pay me 10000gp every 3 months and I wont invade your grubby little
> >domain and kill you '
> >but how does a regent ask another regent to send to him something that
> >is an intangible link to the land and the divine spark within the
> >blooded. how can it be explained. is it something that happens
> >unconsciously between the two regents in an undeclared contest of wills?
> >any comments would be appreciated, thanks
> >
> >wyntergryn
> Sure, no problem. RP are a representation of popular support, personal
> power, and status in the land. If you have lots of RP, you can call in
> favors, enforce commands, and issue orders that you are pretty sure will
> be
> obeyed. People under you will consider your commands important and will
> drop everything to do what you want.
> On the other hand, if you don't have a lot of RP (or spend them on your
> actions), people don't listen as well. Even if they are loyal and love you
> to death, if you don't focus your attention on an action (by spending RP),
> go through the motions of getting support and setting the political wheels
> in motion, you have less chance of succeeding.
> This sort of influence can be transfered. You can explain it however you
> wish. Let's say, for instance, that the Baron of Roesone and the Count of
> Ilien come to an understanding. For whatever reason, the Baron gives the
> Count 20 RP. In roleplaying terms, the Baron is coming out and saying "I
> support the Count! If you owe me a favor, the Count can call it in!" If
> you
> want to roleplay this, you can actually have the Count keep the RP
> separate
> and, when he spends the Baron's "gift" RP, he has to be able to explain
> why
> the Baron's influence would help on that occasion.
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